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Each tablet contains :

- Calcium 400 mg (as calcium carbonate)

- Vitamin D3 .. 10 g (as Cholecalciferol)

- Magnesium . 150 mg (as magnesium hydroxide)

- Zinc ....5 mg (as zinc sulphate)




Osteobion is indicated as a dietary supplement where calcium intake may be inadequate during childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, post-menopausal women and elderly. Also in the treatment of calcium deficiency cases which may occur in diseases such as hypoparathyroidism, post-menopausal and senile osteoporosis, rickets and osteomalacia.


Dosage & Administration


Adverse Effects :

Occasional constipation may occur with high calcium carbonate intake.

 Dosage :

One tablet twice daily with a meal, swallow with
a glass of water of a cold drink no to be chewed, or as prescribed by the physician.




Pack containing 2 blisters, each of 15 tablets.



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