The Yemeni populating is reaching the 21 millions in number no longer . There is an essential prerequisite despite all to do something for the dense by providing the medicines Thus unfortunately the medicines were just imported from abroad all the time over. Such were imported throughout the formal or the un official licensed in the form of various qualities in the advantages . That aspect went for the through increasingly tempo each year around. But accordingly to the health care and medical services awareness amongst the Yemeni public it was decided to establish a local factory that could match the international involvements in producing the best ever medicines thanks to the abundances of the assessment availability by covering the Yemeni requirements and in addition to as the surplus outside Yemen for export, this would in its turn save the lots of the hard currency outflow abroad., and eventually tolerate a tremendous lots of the opportunities for the investments by the local and the developmental powers inside Yemen as a whole besides the private sector .


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