About us


Our Mission :

We are committed to producing affordable, world class pharmaceuticals aimed at improving people's health throughout the world. We also are committed to practice W.H.O. current good manufacturing practice (GMP), and to adhere to the specifications according to international constitutions like U.S.P., B.P., E.P., J.P., I.P. We are also committed to keeping our employees well-developed and motivated. Our commitments will be fulfilled by our strong belief in the most important specifications of the medicine : Quality - Safety - Efficacy.



Site of Production :

The buildings are located in Sana'a occupying about 25,000 m2 area. It is about 24 kilos far from the city and its sea level is about 2400m. Thanks to its position which grant clean environment and suitable conditions for pharmaceutical production. Manufacturing plant was supplied with modern machines and equipments for the production and an advanced-technology laboratory instruments are used. Beside well-developed units for the treatment of air, water, and wastes.



Research and Development :

Biopharm adopted a policy to support its research department to develop its own products with cooperation with international research centers and long-experienced companies.


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