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Each film coated tablet contains : Hyoscine-N- butyl bromide  Eur. Ph.  10mg

* Each (1 ml) ampoule contains :Hyoscine-N- butyl bromide  Eur. Ph.  20mg




Biogent is indicated in infections produced by sensitive gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria mentioned previously. Clinical papers register a multiplicity of situations where this product has given excellent results: uro-genital, respiratory, peritoneal infections, sepsis, meningitis, encephalitis, hospital infections, otorhinolaryngologic and dermatologic infections.


Dosage & Administration


Administration should be given under supervision of the physician. As a general rule the course of treatment should be limited to 7-10 days.

Adults : Intramuscular administration 80 mg twice a day. This dosage may be increased although it is generally sufficient in urogenital infections.

In case of burns and systemic infections depending on its seriousness, during the acute phase initially administer 80 mg Biogent by i.m. route 3 times daily. Afterwards the dose is reduced to 40 mg gentamicin 3 times daily.

In meningitis and encephalitis the dose should be 80 mg 4 times daily.

In cases where life is in danger owing to the severity of the infections the total daily dosage may be increased to 5 mg/kg of body weight but vestibular and kidney function must be watched.

Infants & Children : The doses are usually somewhat higher than those in adults but exact dosage recommendations vary. The suggested dose is 3 mg of gentamicin / kg every 12 hours in premature infants & those up to 2 weeks of age, with older neonates & children receiving 2 mg / kg every 8 hours. Alternatively, 2.5 mg/ kg every 12 hours in the first week of life; 2.5 mg / kg every 8 hours in infants & neonates; and 2-2.5 mg / kg every 8 hours in children has been suggested. 




Pack of 20 film coated tablets.

Pack of 5 (1 ml) ampoules.



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