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Each tablet contains : Cetirizine hydrochloride 10 mg




Cetirizine is a potent non-sedating antihistamine with a low potential for drowsiness at normal doses & with additional anti-allergic properties. It is a selective (H1-receptor) antagonist and virtually free from anti-cholinergic and anti-serotonin effects. Cerizine inhibits the histamine-mediated early phase of the allergic reaction and also reduces the migration of inflammatory cells and the release of mediators associated with the late allergic response.


Dosage & Administration


- Adults & children over 6 years : 10 mg once daily or 5 mg twice daily.

- Children aged 2-6 years old a dose of 5 mg once daily or 2.5 mg twice daily.

- It is advisable to take the dose with a little liquid during the evening meal. The dose may be reduced if side effects appear.




Pack of 20 tablets.



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